“I used to build WordPress Websites from the ground up, until I found Divi and the game changed for me, I saved more time, and created better work”

Who am I?

Hi I’m Jim, I’m a freelance web designer who uses Divi to build websites. This blog is where I share my knowledge, tips, tricks and tutorials on Divi.

Why I started this blog

I started this blog because I use Divi day in day out, and this blog has a number of functions , it helps me to store my code block, it helps me think deeper about web design and produce better products for my client, it allows me to share tips and tricks that I learn.

Five Stunning Feminine Divi Layouts

Five Stunning Feminine Divi Layouts

We all know that Divi can create amazing small business websites, but clean, magazine style feminine layouts are usually the preserve of Squarespace. Here’s a list of five stunning feminine wordpress Divi Layouts that gives squarespace a run for its money.

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