Using Divi WordPress Theme to create your own Link Tree style landing page for instagram

Post By : Jim Monkhouse
Who needs linktree? Use the divi builder to make a landing page to help you promote offers on your Instagram profile

What you’ll need for this Tutorial

Before you read this post, there’s a few things you’ll need 



Instagram is one of the best social networks out there -to help us get traffic to our website and build an audience.

The problem with Instagram from a marketers perspective is that it’s difficult to convert instagram traffic into your users. It’s in instagrams interest to keep users on the app, so they only allow a single link in the bio section of your profile.

This proves a problem when trying to promote offers, ebooks, articles or blogposts as it means that you have to manually change your bio link on instagram everytime you want to promote a new piece of content.


How can I get around this problem?

There is a bit of a hack that allows us to get round this single bio link, and it involves using that single link in your instagram bio and linking through to a specially designed hubpage which allows you to present links to your various pieces of content.

Quite a few companies provide non techie solutions to create these hubpages, one of them being link tree.


What is linktree?

Linktree is a clever solution to enhance the impact of your single bio link. It’s a website that helps you easily build a simple landing page URL for your instagram bio. This link directs your instagram users to a mobile friendly menu to different link on your website, which is great for enticing users to click on specific content, articles or offers.

All sounds great, right? Well not exactly. 


What is the downside of using linktree?

Link tree is a great idea and it has its uses, but there’s also a few downsides to using a third party landing page service like linktree.


1) You miss out on the benefit of linking directly to your website

When you set up a linktree page, you are provided with a linktree URL, as a pose to your using own website URL. This means that  LinkTree will take the backlinking that would normally be attributed to your website, not only this, but it weakens the perception of your brand using a third party URL as a pose to your own.

2) Your design options are limited 

You have to work with the design and layout constraints of the Link Tree app, which is rather limited. Buy building your own landing page you have access to unlimited design options.

3) You can’t add your own analytics and tracking pixels

Link Tree offers basic analytics, but you have to pay for any kind of detailed tracking, and even that has limitations.

4) You need to pay a monthly subscription for extra features 

Most importantly you have to pay for advanced features, it’s yet another monthly recurring expense, and as small business owners we don’t need that.


What Options do I have to build an Instagram landing page?

So how can you build your own Linktree style landing page? Well, it’s a lot easier than you think. All you do is create a mobile-friendly webpage with full-width buttons and remove the top header and footer. That’s it. 

Divi is the perfect platform for creating a landing page style instagram bio link, below is a tutorial on how to achieve this in about 5 minutes .


How do I build a landing page using the Divi website builder?

I advise watching the accompanying youtube video to get a better idea of how to do this, but you can also follow the instructions below.

Step One -> Set up a new page

Create a new page on your wordpress website and give it a readable name that makes sense, for example “learn-more”. Publish this page and then “enable visual builder”.


Step Two -> Add an image


The next step is to add your profile image. 

Create a row and column and then add an image module, and then add the following settings to the image module.

In the Content tab

  • Image = Add a profile image of your choice 
  • Image link = Add a link of your choice


In the Design tab

  • Image Alignment = center;
  • Image Sizing  = 150px;
  • Image Border = 150px;

Step Three -> Add your custom text links

Create a column below the image and then add a text module, and then add the following settings to the text module


In the Content tab

  • Background =  #000
  • Background Hover =  #333
  • Link = your link of choice


In the Design tab

  • Text Font Weight = Semi bold
  • Text Text Color = #fff
  • Text Text Size = 18px
  • Border Rounded Corners = 5px
  • Box Shadow = First Option
  • Animation : fade


Step Four -> Duplicate the custom text links

Once you’ve created a single text link, you can then duplicate it as much as many times as you want. Then it’s just a case of adding your custom text and links and your done!



I hope this tutorial been useful and shown you how easy it is to use a website builder like Divi to create your own instagram bio page. If you have any questions whatsoever, just leave a comment on my youtube video and I’ll get back to you

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Jim Monkhouse
Jim is a web designer & developer with over seven years experience building websites for small business using the wordpress theme

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  3. Shona

    This was super easy to follow and I customised all the colours to match my brand. Thank you! Would love to know how to remove my website’s usual navigation menu and logo at the top + my usual footer, in order to simplify the landing page more.

    • Jim Monkhouse

      Hi Shona

      You can remove the header and footer by choosing . Edit page (top admin bar) > Page Attributes > Template > Blank page. Hope that helps Thanks

  4. cee

    Hi the divi image settings gave me a oblong shape?

    any help?

    • Jim Monkhouse

      Hi Cee

      Thanks for the comment, this is probably a bit late, but make sure that you always use a square image for your profile, for example 300px x 300px and then you should always get a circle

  5. Denise

    Thank you! So Useful!


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